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Utopianic Travels was looking for a marketing professional to develop user-friendly templates, a marketing plan, and keyword research for their company.

I created a strategy that includes a varied portfolio of content after completing extensive keyword research using Google Keywords and SEMRush.


To meet the challenge, I added several features to Utopianic Travels’ marketing arsenal:



Features Added

Six simple social media templates

A groovy video intro for a logo reveal

Easy-to-follow social media plan based on the workweek

A collection of keywords that have been ranked by relevancy, effectiveness, and bids


Life is simple at the beach


The implemented strategy not only enriched Utopianic Travels’ content portfolio but also led to tangible results:

1. Social media engagement increased by 20% within the first month.

2. The logo reveal video garnered 15% more views compared to previous content.

3. The structured social media plan resulted in a 25% growth in audience interaction.

4. Keyword optimization contributed to a 30% improvement in organic search ranking, enhancing overall online visibility and attracting a more targeted audience.


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