At Masterack, I assumed the responsibility of overseeing the company’s entire digital marketing spectrum, including web redesign, social media management, email automation, SEO, PPC, and SEM. Additionally, I was entrusted with devising comprehensive plans and innovative ideas for tradeshows held throughout the year.

As the manager of Masterack’s digital presence, my primary task was to ensure a cohesive and impactful strategy across various channels. This included digital platforms and tradeshows that aligned with the company’s objectives.

Response to Challenges

 – Spearheaded a web redesign project, optimizing the online platform for enhanced user experience and functionality.
 – Implemented and managed social media campaigns, fostering brand engagement and audience growth.
 – Developed and executed email automation workflows, streamlining communication and nurturing leads.
 – Executed SEO strategies to improve organic search rankings and enhance online visibility.
 – Orchestrated PPC and SEM campaigns to drive targeted traffic and maximize online presence.
 – Formulated creative plans and ideas for tradeshows, ensuring a memorable and impactful presence.

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The implemented strategies led to tangible and measurable outcomes:

  1. Web Redesign: Increased website engagement by 25%, with a 15% rise in conversion rates.
  2. Social Media Management: Achieved more than 200% growth in followers and a 20% increase in overall engagement.
  3. Email Automation: Enhanced lead nurturing, resulting in an 18% increase in qualified leads.
  4. SEO Optimization: Improved organic search rankings by 35%, driving a notable increase in website traffic.
  5. PPC and SEM Campaigns: Achieved a 16% boost in click-through rates and a 12% increase in online conversions.
  6. Tradeshows: Received positive feedback and increased brand visibility, leading to a 30% growth in partnership inquiries.

These results not only met but exceeded our objectives, showcasing a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy that significantly contributed to Masterack’s overall success.


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